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Alex Kagianaris

As I embark on my new project, I have to make sure that my WHY is strong and defined. Why am I moving from a more traditional burger restaurant (STOUT) to a plant based, sustainable project (THIRD WAVE MARKETPLACE)? I know some of the business WHYs - the plant based customer base is growing while the meat based is stagnant or decreasing. But what is my WHY? Can it be as simple as the fact that I am familiar with this type of cuisine because this is the way that I am eating? Or is it bigger than that? The WHY that I had when thinking of this concept stemmed from seeing food as the first path to our revolution - we need to take control of our food first in order to take control of our lives. We are in a food movement that is pushing the limits of how we can help ourselves and not depend on our governments or large corporations to tell us to continue eating the way we have. We have to keep pushing forward to an even more extreme level of conscious eating and I want to be part of this revolution. With that as my background thought process I came up with my WHY for THIRD WAVE MARKETPLACE - Our goal is to improve availability and access to healthy, nutrient dense foods and have a positive influence on the food people choose to consume!

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